CCC Advocates in Albany


March 23, 2015

Winter in New York means one thing at CCC – we pack our bags and board trains and buses to advocate in Albany. And as springtime makes its much-needed arrival, we know that there are only a few days left before the State adopts the new budget for the fiscal year.

CCC has been in Albany every week since the Governor introduced his Executive Budget proposals in January, urging legislators to adopt a budget that includes our priorities for children.

One of CCC’s big priorities is for New York to Raise the Age of criminal responsibility so that 16 and 17 year olds are not automatically treated as adults in New York. Last year, Governor Cuomo appointed a diverse Commission to make recommendations to create a plan for HOW to raise the age, and the budget includes a comprehensive plan to do this.

You can easily voice your support and urging the Senate and Assembly to Raise the Age as part of the budget.

CCC has a number of other priorities including: increasing funding for runaway and homeless youth services; increasing funding for child welfare services including preventive services, post-adoption services, the housing subsidy, and foster care; creating more supportive housing through NY/NY IV; investing resources in NYCHA maintenance and repairs; increasing State support for child care and pre-kindergarten; and increasing the minimum wage. Check out CCC’s full list of priorities and one pagers on key budget priorities.

Explore CCC’s testimonies on the budget:

Human Services

Public Protection


Mental Health

You can help make a difference by taking 2 seconds to send letters to key legislators urging them to make key investments in children’s services:

Raise the Age

Runaway and Homeless Youth

Sexually Exploited Youth

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