CCC’S New York State Budget Recommendations for State Fiscal Year 2015-2016

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March 12, 2015

CCC responded to the New York State Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Executive Budget proposals with Budget Recommendations for the Governor and State Legislature.

Notably, CCC supported the Governor’s plan to Raise the Age of criminal responsibility in New York.  Currently, all 16 and 17 year olds are treated as adults in the criminal justice system, regardless of the crime they are alleged to have committed.  New York and North Carolina are the only states to do this.  The Governor’s proposal is a comprehensive plan that will improve public safety and youth outcomes.  In addition, the state will pay for the costs and there will be no new costs imposed on localities.

On the other hand, the Executive Budget failed to fund a number of key programs and services CCC has long supported.  There was no new funding for child welfare, but cuts to foster care, preventive and protective services.  The budget also failed to restore funding for sexually exploited youth, post-adoption services, and Child Advocacy Center.

CCC also urged the Legislature to ensure the enacted budget included additional funding for costs associated with the transition of children’s behavioral health into Medicaid Managed Care, runaway and homeless youth, child care or pre-kindergarten outside NYC.

CCC’s Budget Recommendations to the Governor and New York State Legislature: State Fiscal Year 2015-2016 details all of CCC’s recommendations made in response to the State Executive Budget that we advocated to have incorporated in the State Fiscal Year 2015-2016 Adopted Budget.


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