About Us

Foundational to our work are our three pillars: Public Policy, Research and Data, and Civic Engagement.

CCC is the leading child advocacy organization in New York City because:

Public Policy Advocacy

Research and Data Analysis

Civic Engagement

For the last 75 years CCC has been winning critical victories to make New York a better place for children.
CCC was conceived in 1944 and incorporated in 1945 while the country was during a childcare crisis. During World War II, fathers were serving overseas, and mothers were working outside the home in unprecedented numbers. Children’s childcare programs were unavailable in most neighborhoods. Many that did exist were poorly funded, had exclusionary admission policies, or were substandard.
A group of New Yorkers met to discuss these issues and their larger concerns for the well-being of the city’s children. Their advocacy helped secure state funding for the Mayor’s Committee on the Wartime Care for Children. After this victory, they formed CCC — an independent child advocacy organization with a small expert staff working together with committed and informed volunteers.
Among our founders, early members and staff of CCC were First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, philanthropists Adele Rosenwald Levy and Mary Lasker, Dr. Kenneth Clark, Dr. Benjamin Spock, New York City Council Member Stanley M. Isaacs, Judge Justine Wise Polier, Trude Lash, and Alfred Kahn.

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