Staff & Leadership

Jennifer March became CCC’s Executive Director in 2007 after 15 years in the public sector including senior positions at the Finance Division of the New York City Council and guiding research and advocacy at CCC as the agency’s Associate Executive Director. Jennifer has been a driving force behind CCC’s efforts to advance legislative, policy, and budget reforms that have helped achieve historic victories for children, youth and families throughout the city and state. Read More >

Elysia Murphy

Deputy Executive Director

Elysia Murphy works closely with the leadership team at CCC to define and meet strategic goals and respond to the ever-increasing demand for our research, civic engagement and advocacy. In this role she provides strategic oversight and coordination of public-facing initiatives aimed at raising the organization’s visibility including media relations, government outreach, and grant oversight. She also facilitates strategic operations that support the allocation of resources to develop human capital, further develop CCC’s workplace and organizational culture, and ensure that our internal policies and practices align with our mission and values.  Read More >

Alice Bufkin, MPAff

Associate Executive Director For Policy and Advocacy

As Associate Executive Director for Policy & Advocacy, Alice Bufkin leads CCC’s policy strategies and advocacy priorities focused on the impact of city and state budget, policy, and legislation on New York’s children and their families. For three years leading up to this role, she served as CCC’s Director of Policy for Child and Adolescent Health, during which time she led CCC’s Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids campaign and managed CCC’s budget and legislative advocacy related to child and adolescent health and behavioral health. Prior to joining CCC, Alice served as the Director of Policy and Advocacy for the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition, where she led the coalition’s policy and legislative strategy to increase statewide access to reproductive and preventive healthcare. She also served as a Policy Associate with Texans Care for Children, where she led the organization’s advocacy work related to infant and maternal health, early intervention, and family financial security. Read More >

Gregory Klemens

Associate Executive Director For Development, Marketing And New Media

Gregory Klemens oversees CCC’s fundraising, marketing and online activities. He attended Sarah Lawrence College and began working at CCC in 1992 as Development Assistant, became Director of Development in 1995 and Associate Executive Director in 2005. Read More >

Julio Minaya

Director Of Administration And Finance

Julio’s work encompasses managing the organization’s fiscal operations, human resources, office management, IT support, database management, and assisting with the coordination of CCC’s special events.He began working at CCC in 1993 as a student intern, and was promoted to Senior Associate for Development & Administration, prior to assuming his current position. Julio graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. Read More >

Laura Jankstrom, LMSW

Associate Executive Director for Civic Engagement

Laura Jankstrom leads CCC’s civic engagement work, which informs, educates and mobilizes New Yorkers around our priorities for children. This work includes our leadership development programs, trainings and workshops, community organizing, and digital advocacy. CCC understands the importance of intergenerational, citizen-led advocacy and Laura works to ensure that we center the voices of children, youth and caregivers in all that we do. Using innovative strategies, Laura leads the team’s efforts to increase public access to our data and policy products, involve those with lived experience in our campaigns, and train community members to advocate for change where they live.  Read More >

Marija Drobnjak, M.S.

Senior Research Associate For Data Resources

Marija Drobnjak is a member of CCC’s Research and Data team. She is responsible for leading and supporting the development of several CCC data resources and publications, including the biennial Keeping Track data book, as well as continually improving the user experience and interactive tools available on Keeping Track Online. Her expertise, particularly in geospatial data analysis and mapping, contributes to developing these data resources, as well as research on a range of CCC’s child and family policy topics. Read More >

Robert Guttersohn

Senior Associate for Digital Communications

Robert Guttersohn joined CCC in 2019. He is responsible for elevating CCC’s research and advocacy in the public arena and making our work accessible to more audiences through the use of modern web technologies and innovative engagement practices. Robert’s work incorporates digital equity by ensuring the main CCC website is accessible from all devices and by all users. He also maintains a library of CCC’s interactive data visuals and manages many of CCC’s coalition websites. Robert also works with internal teams and coalitions to create products for digital and print consumption by making use of design tools such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom. In his role, Robert helps build awareness around CCC’s advocacy efforts by creating graphics and data visualizations for print and the web. He also manages CCC’s main website and many of its coalition’s sites. He supports CCC’s advocacy and outreach efforts through email marketing, social media and media relations. Read More >

Elcoma Nichols

IT Application Analyst

Elcoma Nichols oversees the various practices and processes that safeguard the safety, integrity, and accessibility of all CCC administrative applications. His duties include monitoring system performance, troubleshooting, and diagnosing software and hardware issues. Elcoma resolves diverse challenges pertaining to computer applications, security applications, storage, and hardware configuration. Prior to joining CCC, Elcoma worked as a Research Associate at Columbia University Department of Anesthesiology. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Informatics and a Master of Science degree in Information Technology Management. Read More >

Caitlyn Passaretti

Policy and Advocacy Associate

Caitlyn Passaretti manages CCC’s policy and advocacy work related to child welfare and youth justice portfolios. Her work focuses on improving outcomes for children, youth, and families involved in the child welfare and justice systems, specifically working to keep families together and policies supporting restorative and transformative justice. Prior to joining CCC, Caitlyn was a National Organizing Manager centering cis and transgender Black girls and gender expansive youth of color in policy and advocacy both locally and nationally to change the current state of policy that harms Black girls and gender expansive youth. In addition, she has worked in homeless services, organizing to abolish the criminal/legal system and internationally with the United Nations supporting youth programming. Caitlyn is a licensed social worker and holds a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University. Read More >

Carlos F. Rosales

Director of Community Engagement

Carlos is a first-generation American a proud member of the LGBTQ+ and Latinx Community who believes that every person had the voice and right to shape their lives in an inclusive, just and equitable society. A resident of Queens, Carlos has almost a decade of experience in shaping community lead approaches and takes pride and taking a community first approach across all areas of work he is a part of. Read More >

Lorraine Tate

Executive Assistant And Board Liaison

Lorraine is responsible for managing the Board calendar, assisting the Executive Director with all communications, assisting with our Community Leadership Course, staffing CCC’s nominating committee, and keeping everyone at CCC organized. She joined the CCC staff in 1995 as an Administrative Assistant and was later promoted to her current position. Prior to working at CCC, Lorraine worked for many years at Hartsfield & MacFarlane Vaughan, a law firm in the Bronx, as an Executive Secretary. She graduated from Fitz-Henley’s Business Institute in Jamaica, West Indies. Read More >

Cristina Onea

Research Associate

Cristina Onea is a member of CCC’s Research and Data team. With an extensive background in Participatory Research methodologies, Cristina aims to bring a participatory approach to building on data and research at CCC. Prior to joining CCC, Cristina worked with The Public Science Project, along with multiple non-profits in New York City, to investigate national issues around education, policing, and surveillance. She is also an experienced educator and has been lecturing in the CUNY system for six years. Cristina holds an MA and an MPhil from the City University of New York, where she is currently earning a PhD in Critical Social Psychology. Read More >

Rimsha Khan

Research Associate

Rimsha Khan is a member of CCC’s Research and Data (R&D) team. She collaborates with members of the R&D team to prepare written analyses on population trends, and to produce a wide variety of regular publications such as the Keeping Track Data Book. She is responsible for analyzing quantitative government data as well as assisting with CCC’s community-based research assessments on child and family policy issues. Read More >

Jenny Veloz

Policy and Advocacy Associate

Jenny Veloz manages CCC’s policy and advocacy work related health and well-being. Prior to joining CCC, Jenny was a Community Organizer in the Environmental Justice program at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. At NYLPI, she worked on policy advocacy around transitioning New York City’s school bus fleet from diesel to zero-emissions electric, ensuring New York City children were no longer exposed to toxic fumes on their way to and from school. In addition, her work included organizing Black and Latinx public high school students fighting for equal access to after school sports. Jenny has a B.A. in Political Science and holds a Master of Public Administration from Baruch College. Read More >

Julie Kronick

Communications and Marketing Associate

Julie Kronick supports CCC’s communications, civic engagement, marketing, and development goals through digital communications work and storytelling. In her role, she creates content for the website, social media, and email marketing with the goal to increase awareness of CCC’s advocacy and successes. Prior to joining CCC’s Communications and Civic Engagement team, Julie handled marketing and development campaigns for the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District on the Upper West Side. She also has experience working for the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund, an advocacy organization for women and girls, answering calls on the Information and Referral line. Read More >

Juan Diaz

Policy and Advocacy Associate

Juan manages CCC’s policy and advocacy work relating to housing and economic security. Prior to working at CCC, Juan was a Supervisor at Riseboro Brownsville Homebase, where he advocated to improving housing and economic stability for families to prevent shelter entry. Juan is also a Guaranteed Income Research Fellow at The University of Pennsylvania where he collects qualitative and quantitative data for The Bridge Project. Juan holds a B.A. in Sociology and a Master’s in Urban Policy and Leadership, both from Hunter College. He is currently a PhD student in Social Welfare at the CUNY Graduate Center. His research interests include examining housing, economic and immigration policies at all government levels; the experiences of first-generation youth; and the evaluation of policies that foster social capital and upward mobility.  Read More >

Adama Diallo

Civic Engagement Associate

As Civic Engagement Associate Adama’s Responsibilities at CCC center around youth engagement. She recruits for, manages, and facilitates the YCLC course, along with the YAMs and YouthAction Peer Trainers programs. With a degree in Criminology and over 5 years of non-profit community and juvenile advocacy work, Adama understands the importance of centering the voices of the youth and letting their experiences inform our research, as well as providing them with the information necessary to cultivate self-advocating, civic minded leaders. Read More >