The U.S. Census Bureau Begins to Release Results from the 2020 Census 


April 30, 2021

By: Caros Rosales

Earlier this week, the first round of 2020 Census results were released by the U.S. Census Bureau.  

This first release included data on the resident population of the United States and statistics that will be used to assign the number of U.S. representatives representing each state beginning in January of 2023. 

Based on this release, New York lost one seat in the House of Representatives. We now know that if  we had an additional 89 people in New York’s population count, our state would not have lost any congressional seats. Considering this disappointing news, we must remember that the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic created extraordinary obstacles to get out the count. Challenges in outreach efforts also continued throughout the count in 2020 and even into 2021 as the Trump Administration took repeated action to cut short the self-response timeline and the Census data collection process. 

Despite the challenges, our tireless get-out-the-count advocacy efforts helped prevent further losses of congressional seats.
The final self-response rate, as of October 17, 2020, was 64.2 percent for New York State and 61.8 percent for New York City. Using the interactive map below, you can check out final self-response rates for your community and neighborhood.

NYC Self-Response Rates in 2020 by Borough and Census Tract

Data updated on

Scroll to zoom or double click a borough to see Census tract response rates.

Click and drag to navigate the map

< 25%< 50%< 75%< 100%

It was with your support that we continued to fight to reverse the undercount of young children in the Census and call attention to the importance of the Census in supporting child and family well-being.  

In the coming year we’ll know more information including additional demographic data, state redistricting, and how the Census will impact funding in our local communities. Stay tuned for more to come from CCC. 

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