Snapshot of NYC’s Children and Families – Share the Latest Statistics!


October 2, 2014

The latest U.S. Census data show some promising signs of economic recovery for families, including the fact that the child poverty rate decreased for the first time since the recession. Here are some of the latest statistics:

  • 30,500 fewer children lived in poverty in 2013 than in 2012.
  • $50,347 was the median income for families in 2013, up from $48,355 in 2012 – the first year-over-year increase in 5 years

There’s still much work to be done, however, as poverty rates remain high and disparities persist:

  • 177,000 children lived in six community districts where the child poverty rate exceeded 50% in 2013.
  • The average family with children in the Bronx made $31,645 in 2013, about one-third of the income of the average family in Manhattan.
  • The unemployment rate for teens ages 16 to 19 continues to be high – around 40%.

Check out our latest infographic for more facts about NYC children and families from the Census’s 2013 American Community Survey, and explore even more data on Keeping Track Online.

You can help us begin to tackle some of the issues affecting children right now by creating awareness. Share this infographic with your colleagues, family and friends via Email, Facebook and Twitter. (You can use the Share Buttons above!) Make sure that they know the latest statistics when it comes to our city’s children and encourage them to get involved as well.

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