CCC’s 2015 Breakfast, Including Full Transcript, Photo Gallery, and more


November 3, 2015

Dear Friends of CCC,

Nearly 700 of you joined us at our Celebration Breakfast in October to recognize social justice leaders who – like CCC – are working to speak out on behalf of children and take action to improve outcomes. Whether you were in the room at 583 Park, following along on Facebook or Twitter, or heard about the event from friends and colleagues, we hope by now it’s perfectly clear — New York City’s children are counting on you to be part of the solution!

In a city where one in three children lives in poverty, where 40,000 children slept in a homeless shelter last year, and where 280,000 children are not reading at grade level, it’s critical that every one of us plays an active role in our collective work to make New York City a better place for young people.

This work starts by staying up to date on the facts, sharing those facts with our friends, family and colleagues, and taking action to lend our voices to children. Help us keep this critical conversation flowing.

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Thank you for your continued commitment to CCC’s mission of ensuring that every child is healthy, housed, educated and safe.


Jennifer March, Executive Director

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