CCC 2022-2023 Annual Report

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December 13, 2023

Over the past year, CCC has championed an ambitious agenda aimed at promot­ing equity, well-being and justice across all communities. We have focused on an urgent call to action to advance policy, budget and legislative solutions that combat disparities and promote recovery in the face of persistent health and socio-economic challenges.

Time and again we demonstrate that there is strength in numbers. Our data-driven publications undergird our efforts to build public understanding, engage and mobilize New Yorkers, and inform the work underway by leaders in the nonprofit, government, and philanthropic sectors. We continue to play a lead­ership role in city and statewide coalitions and campaigns, and we support and develop new opportunities for caregivers, youth, and child and family-serving professionals to inform advocacy priorities and engage in research and advocacy.

All of this work is intentionally grounded in our diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) values; and we remain diligent in our efforts to learn and explore new opportunities to collaborate in strength-based ways alongside the commu­nity partners with whom we advocate.

In this annual report you will find examples of how our work is making an impact. Through our fact-based and community-centered advocacy, we engage leaders in state and city government, urging budget and legislative action to lift incomes, stabilize housing, reconnect children to developmental supports, child care, education, and youth services, and address the child and youth behavioral health crisis.

Together with partners, supporters, and advocates, we influenced policy and investment at both the City and State level that improved children and family well-being, including:

  • Increasing tax policy impact to deepen economic security for families with young children
  • Inspiring pilot programs to prevent child welfare involvement
  • Securing support for expanding housing subsidy program eligibility to more New Yorkers
  • Influencing commitments to youth mental health initiatives
  • Accountability for early childhood education payment issues to stabilize the system
  • And much more that you can read in our Annual Report!

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