CCC Annual Report 2017-2018

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November 1, 2018

Our 2017-2018 program year called for relentless and dedicated advocacy on a host of city, state, and federal issues. The threats to vulnerable children and families by the federal administration spurred us to mobilize our base of volunteers and advocates throughout the year, and to speak out against devastating policies on immigration, food security, healthcare, gun violence, and more. At the same time, on the state and local level, we continued to provide leadership for coalitions and campaigns advancing program and budget priorities in child welfare, juvenile justice, family homelessness, and early education and youth services policy. Our budget and legislative advocacy resulted in increased investments in social workers for schools with high numbers of homeless students, expanded summer camp and after-school programming, and the passage of a state pilot rental assistance program. In addition, we helped stave off dramatic reductions in child welfare resources and elevated the issue of salary disparity that plagues the early childhood workforce, among other successes.

We improved our ability to make the case for needed investments and/or legislation thanks in part to the official launch of our Child Well-being Data Institute, which has positioned CCC as one of the premier data and research institutions on child and family well-being in the country. Besides significantly expanding the online indicators in our Keeping Track Online database and producing regular data analysis and infographics, we undertook participatory research projects in northern Manhattan and the North Shore of Staten Island. These research projects combined qualitative research and quantitative data analysis to create a comprehensive picture of what life is like for people living and working in these communities and offered concrete community-driven recommendations to better address child and family needs and promote economic mobility.

We continued our civic engagement work, welcoming advocates of all generations and equipping them with the tools and skills they need to raise their voices on behalf of New York City’s children. Our Board and Advocacy Council members and expert staff were steadfast in engaging in important conversations with elected leaders, philanthropists, and partner organizations. Thanks to the support of so many talented and dedicated New Yorkers, we continued to tirelessly advance our mission to ensure that every child is healthy, housed, educated, and safe.

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