Want to fight racism? Help homeless families


July 7, 2020

Each day in America opens a new chapter in our long-overdue reckoning with our country’s shameful history of racial injustices. From police brutality to higher death rates from chronic illnesses to the impacts of addiction and incarceration, conversations around racial inequities are expanding, and not a moment too soon.

As Mayor de Blasio and the City Council look to address stark racial disparities in our city, they must make combating New York’s family homelessness crisis central to their efforts. That’s because in New York City, several statistics cut straight to the heart of any discussion about the historic impact of racism and inequity for people of color. Families with black heads of household live in poverty almost twice as often as their white counterparts. Even more sobering, families with children represent nearly 70% of the city’s shelter system, and 94% of those families are made up of black and Latina women and children.

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