Lohud: 6 families across New York share closer look at school in a pandemic


October 7, 2020

At a dining room table in Middletown, 9-year-old Leighann Jansen logs into class alongside three other siblings while balancing a wriggling toddler in her lap.

In a modest Utica home, 16-year-old Say Kler Paw — part of a refugee family of 11 — puts her English and tech skills to good use to help her younger siblings learn online, and other refugee students, too.

And in a Poughkeepsie kitchen, 8-year-old Diamond Yeno and the mother who just regained custody of her earlier this year stare at a school-issued laptop, hoping to make sense of it all. Together.

In our COVID-19 reality, what does this school year look like right now for families across New York state? From Binghamton to Mount Vernon, that answer depends almost entirely upon the starting place.

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