Family Homelessness Coalition Calls for Immediate Action To Address Growing NYC Shelter Population

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August 10, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – In response to the oversight hearing on NYC’s long-standing shelter intake issues and the recent increase in asylum seekers held by the City Council’s Committee on General Welfare today, the Family Homelessness Coalition released the following statement:

“Today’s City Council oversight hearing made clear what we have known for months: New York City is facing a dire family homelessness crisis.

“The growing number of New York City families in shelter is compounding pressures on an already fraught system – and an influx of migrant families in need of care has exacerbated structural challenges with staffing and financial capacity.

“We must uphold the rights of all families to shelter and immediately meet the urgent needs of migrant families, including providing legal and cash assistance and support obtaining personal identification papers. We also must ensure migrant children have access to health coverage and school benefits like meals and after school activities.

“In order to chart a clear path forward, we must remain laser-focused on keeping families in their homes and out of shelter so the City can avoid exacerbating its crisis in shelters. We urge the City to institute an official appointment at City Hall tasked to lead and facilitate interagency collaboration, planning, and effective problem solving to improve outcomes for families and their children who are homeless; ensure resources so that more low-income families do not lose their homes; increase access to CityFHEPS; and address the educational and mental health needs of children and families in shelter.

“It is past time to address the shortcomings and obstacles facing New York City’s shelter system, and our city has a moral obligation to expedite financial support to families at risk of eviction and dramatically accelerate access to permanent housing for families already in shelter as well as increase affordable housing investments in order to ensure that the City’s shelter capacity can meet climbing demand.”



The Family Homelessness Coalition (FHC) is composed of 18 organizations representing service and housing providers and children’s advocacy organizations. FHC is united by the goal of launching a coordinated, collaborative, multi-agency effort focused on preventing family homelessness, improving the well-being of children and families in shelters, and supporting the long-term stability of families with children who leave shelters

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