CCC Statement in Response to the New York State Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019

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April 2, 2018

For Immediate Release: April 2, 2018

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CCC is grateful to the family members, providers, advocates, and everyday New Yorkers from all across the state who came together to advocate against steep budget cuts to children and families, many of which were targeted at children from New York City. While the adopted state budget includes some of those harmful cuts, as well as additional measures that target New York City for new state oversight, our voices were clearly heard.

The newly adopted state budget rejects one of the most harmful and dangerous budget proposals – to cap and cut state reimbursement to New York City for child protective and child abuse prevention services.  The severe impact this cap and cut could have had on children and families in New York City cannot be overstated, nor can our gratitude to the legislators who stood strong against it.  We are also pleased that the newly adopted state budget includes additional funding for children’s mental health services, after-school programs, pre-kindergarten, child care, and a new $15 million pilot rental assistance program.

On the other hand, we are deeply disappointed that the state budget eliminated all state support for juvenile justice placements in New York City by completely cutting the state share for Close to Home. This cut ironically comes as the Close to Home program is due to more than double in size with the implementation of the law to raise the age of criminal responsibility, another important law but unfunded mandate for New York City.

We are concerned about the state withdrawing its support and resources to New York City’s children and families, while at the same time increasing its monitoring and oversight in new areas such as NYCHA, closing Rikers, and street homelessness.  We urge the state and the city to make this new fiscal year a new beginning—one where the state and the city partner to improve the lives of New Yorkers.


Citizens’ Committee for Children is an independent multi‐issue child advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure every New York City Child is healthy, housed, educated and safe. For more information on CCC, visit

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