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December 23, 2020

Throughout New York City, the pandemic has exacerbated barriers to well-being for children and families. As fact-based advocacy becomes more important than ever, we are excited to launch a new website that makes our advocacy efforts more accessible to a broader audience.

The completely redesigned look comes after celebrating our 75th year of advocacy on behalf of New York City’s children.
Over the past six months, we’ve worked with developers and constituents to make our site faster, mobile-friendly, and easier to navigate. We focused on highlighting our vast collection of data on child and family well-being, ensured our policy publications are easier to find, and created one-stop shops for applying and registering for our courses and workshops.

In the paragraphs below, we introduce some new features built into the site plus let you know where to find opportunities to get involved.

This is far from an exhaustive list of the changes, but we hope the brief steps below will help you get accustomed to the redesign.

Navigating to Keeping Track Online.

Hovering over “Data & Reports” will reveal a dropdown menu. Click on “Our Database” to go to Keeping Track Online.

Throughout the new site, you’ll find buttons labeled “Our Database”. All of these links will redirect to you Keeping Track Online.

Navigate to CCC’s  Data and Policy Documents

Hover over “Data & Reports” and then click on “Research & Analysis.”

You’ll be taken to a page split into two sections: “Data & Publications” and “Policy Resources”.
Under “Data & Publications” you’ll find our latest data publications such as bi-annual Keeping Track publication, fact sheets, and Community Needs Assessments.
Under “Policy Resources”, you”ll find our latest testimonies, budget analyses, and policy priorities.

Searching and Data and Policy Publications.

At the bottom of the Research & Analysis page, you’ll find a search filter. Users can begin searching for a specific document or subject area by typing in the search bar.

Results will immediately begin to filter based on your search terms. In the example below, we search “child wefare.” The search returns only resource and data publications with “child welfare” in the title.


Additional filtering can be done by clicking one of the three dropdown sections to the left of the search field. In the example below, we click on “Category” to apply some additional filtering. Notice how the category dropdown lists only the publication categories that include “child welfare” in the title.

How To Take Action

CCC believes there are many ways to take action as an advocate. (Learn more about that here.) One of the most common ways New York residents take action is by taking part in one of our letter-writing campaigns or social media day of action.
To find opportunities to write to city, state, and federal officials regarding issues impacting New York City children and families, hover over “Take Action” and click on “Advocate With Us.”

The “Advocate With Us” page will be a list of all our current opportunities to take action. The issue we believe to be the most pressing will have a link in the banner.

Because civic engagement is a key aspect to advocacy, you’ll also find our “Courses and Events” listed under Take Action. On the “Courses & Events” page, you’ll see opportunities to get involved with us by signing up for one of our courses (“Community Leadership Course” and “YouthAction Community Leadership Course”), a change to register for one of our upcoming workshops and trainings, and then opportunities to attend a benefit.

On the landing pages for CLC and YCLC you’ll be able to submit questions or apply for the courses directly on our site when the application windows are open.

What’s New

Under “What’s New”, you’ll find our latest Digital Briefs and Insights.

“Digital Briefs” are blog-like digital publications that can be standalone publications with interactive data visuals and policy positions or provide a summary of our longer data and policy publications.

Insights are typically where you’ll find general updates from CCC, announcements on new publications, and messages from our Executive Director Jennifer March and other staff.

Much like the Research & Analysis page, you’ll find a search feature at the bottom of the “Digital Briefs & Insights” page. Under “Categories” you’ll now find two options: “Digital Briefs” and “Insights”.

Also under “What’s New”, you’ll find our latest press releases and statements as well as news media hits on the “Media” landing page. Finally, you’ll find our COVID-19 Resources and Recovery page, which will house resources for families and children impacted by this public health crisis.

At the bottom will be a list of our latest digital briefs on the impact of COVID-19 on New York City’s children and families.

Global Search Feature


The last new feature we’ll cover is the “Search” landing page. This page is dedicated to our new global search feature. While the controls are similar to those on the “Digital Briefs & Insights” and the “Research and Analysis” pages, searches on this page return all matching CCC documents regardless of their category and any relevant advocacy campaigns and coalitions.


In the example below, searching for “covid”  returns everything from CCC news hits on the topic of the public health crisis to our some of our data and policy resources.


screenshot of search page


Within the individual search-result cards, you will see the title of the publication, its category, and the date of the publication. The search term will also be highlighted.


screenshot of search card.

Additional results will be paginated at the bottom of the page.

Again, we are excited for our new site and the potential it has to engage more New Yorkers in advocating on behalf of the city’s children.

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