The Path to Youth Justice in New York: Reframing the Debate and Investing In Youth


October 25, 2022

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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In honor of National Youth Justice month, The Raise the Age NY Coalition and its partners invites you to join our The Path to Youth Justice in New York panel, on October 25th at 4pm, to discuss the status of youth justice in New York.

This panel will call out the successes since Raise the Age was implemented and describe what young people and communities need now from our elected officials in Albany during the budget and legislative session ahead.  Speakers will discuss a decade of continued decline in youth crime; methods that promote youth and community safety and address concerns of gun violence; and encourage taking action on critical youth justice priorities: the Youth Justice and Opportunities Act, the Right to Remain Silent/Youth Interrogations Bill, and Solutions not Suspensions.


Tyler Campbell, Columbia University Center For Justice 

Kercena Dozier, Children’s Defense Fund-New York

Aaliyah Guillory-Nickens, Youth Represent

Amshula Jayaram, Alliance for Quality Education and The Solutions Not Suspensions Coalition

Cristina Onea, Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York

Anthony Springer, Bronx Connect

Maya Williams, Brooklyn Movement Center


Join us and learn how you can become more involved in youth justice work this year!

Why Youth Justice Matters

It is imperative that advocates and communities set the record straight and correct the narrative currently circulating in the media that is demonizing young people. The data shows a steady decrease in youth crime since 2012, and if we want crime to be reduced, we must provide services that young people and communities are saying they need. We need tangible resources devoted towards housing, behavioral health, education, after school programming and employment options. If we invest in these areas, we will continue to see a decrease in crime and a healthier youth population.  

About the Legislation 

Pass the Youth Interrogation Bill (A5891C/S2800C). This legislation would require young people under 18 to first consult with an attorney before any police questioning can take place.

Pass Solutions Not Suspensions (A5197/S7198). This legislation will end the reliance on suspensions as the default way to discipline students and establish a framework to instead use proven restorative approaches to inappropriate behavior and discipline.