TESTIMONY: OVERSIGHT: The Impacts Of Trump Administration Family Separation Policy On New York City

Testimony & Public Comments

July 1, 2018

On July 12, 2018 CCC testified before the City Council Immigration, General Welfare and Health Committees regarding the impacts of the Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy on New York City.

CCC testified about our tremendous concerns about the trauma and abuse the United States government is inflicting upon children through the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy, the separation of children from their parents at the border, the ongoing delays in reunifying families, as well as the continued detention of families seeking asylum.

While CCC believes that the Trump administration must stop detaining asylum seekers at the border, CCC testified about our appreciation for the efforts of those in New York City caring for and supporting the children who are here.

CCC’s recommendations included increasing funding for the ICARE legal services organizations who represent children in immigration proceedings to increase the number of lawyers and add social workers and creating a travel and bond/bail fund to assist families reunify and get out of detention.  CCC also urged City leaders to continually reassess the situation and the needs of social service providers on an ongoing basis as the situation is very fluid.  Finally, CCC reminded the Council and other City leaders about the need to also support other systems that work with children separated from their families (through the foster care, juvenile justice and corrections systems.)

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