Child Health Disparities In New York City

Issue Reports & Briefs

April 7, 2014

CCC’s Presentation, Child Health Disparities in New York City, is an overview of the many indicators – including education, environment, nutrition, and cultural capital – that connect to health outcomes of children. A child’s long-term health and well-being is shaped by the conditions in which he or she is born, grows, lives, works, and ages. These circumstances are greatly influenced by access to resources and supports that help families to meet the individual needs of their children.

The data included illustrates the ways in which New York City has made great strides over the past decade in improving children’s health. Disparities still persist among racial and ethnic communities, however, as well as geographically. This presentation has the latest statistics on infant mortality, asthma, teen pregnancy, nutrition, education and environmental conditions such as housing quality, air and water quality and neighborhood safety, among others

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