Community Leadership Course Fuels Growing Base of Advocates


December 12, 2014


“I think this is a wonderful course to take, especially for people my age who are interested in engaging with their community in a meaningful way. I hope that you are able to get more young professionals involved, whether through philanthropy or through volunteer/lobbying work. We move to this city for a better future for ourselves, and it’s only right that we also help children achieve those better futures as well.”  – Lilia Sterling, CLC 2014  

It is always exciting when another wonderful group completes our Community Leadership Course and joins our growing base of advocates. Twenty participants attended ten sessions this fall which focused on different areas of child policy including food and economic security, housing and homelessness, health and mental health and child welfare among others. They traveled all over the city visiting an array of programs that serve children and families. They heard directly from program directors and government agency staff about the challenges they face as well as the successes they have had in their respective fields. They engaged in discussions with our policy staff about all areas of CCC advocacy and saw firsthand examples of how their voices could enhance our work and make a difference for NYC families such as the addition of 25 more Family Court Judges or the expansion of UPK and after-school.

2014’s participants included lawyers, doctors and social workers, government agency staff and foundation program officers, retired professionals and more. Regardless of their level of knowledge when it came to child well-being, it was an eye-opening program for many and the jumping off point for what we hope are years of child advocacy to come.

“I thought the course was life-changing. After having worked for the City of New York for most of my career, I saw a whole new perspective of how to advocate for change in the City. I am thrilled that I took the course and look forward to working with the CCC. It’s a wonderful organization” – Abra Levine, CLC 2014

2014 CLC Participants visiting East New York Farms during the Food and Economic Security Session
2014 CLC Participants visiting East New York Farms during the Food and Economic Security Session

Whether our recent Community Leadership Course graduates stay involved in our efforts by participating in an ongoing analytic project, attending a policy briefing on an area that peaks their interest or by joining us at press conferences, rallies or meetings at City Hall or in Albany, all of us at CCC look forward to gaining strength in numbers. We are so pleased to grow our base of educated, informed and passionate advocates who stand with us in the fight to make this city a better place to be a child.

Know someone who might be a good fit for next Community Leadership Course? Send them information on CCC and encourage them to fill out an application for the 2015 program!


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