CCC Community Risk Ranking: Child Well-being in New York City’s 59 Community Districts

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January 30, 2015

CCC’s Community Risk Ranking combines data from across multiple dimensions of child well-being – economic security, health, housing, education, issues specific to teens and youths, and family and community – to provide a better understanding of where risks to child well-being concentrate across New York City’s 59 community districts. This information can help to determine where additional resources, supports or services are needed to improve outcomes for children.

This year CCC has refined the methodology for our community risk ranking to make it clearer and easier to understand, more easily replicable, and comparable over time. The new methodology draws from research and best practices for social indicators and composite index creation, as well as our own expertise on children’s issues and child well-being in New York City. Our community risk ranking is comprised of 18 indicators within six domains of child well-being. We use these data to rank New York City’s 59 community districts (CDs)—within each domain and overall—from lowest risk to highest risk.

We hope that this child well-being index will help families, elected officials, policy-makers, researchers, foundation and corporate program officers, and New Yorkers at large better understand the needs of the communities in which they live, work, and serve, so that they may advocate for the resources necessary to make New York City a better place for every child.

Download CCC’s Community Risk Ranking now or to further explore these and other indicators of child well-being in New York City, visit



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