Together We Must Uphold Our Democracy


January 7, 2021

By: Jennifer March

Yesterday’s attack on the Capitol will remain seared in our memory. We will not tolerate attempts to circumvent the rights of voters, and we will continue to stand against attempts to threaten our democratic process.

As child advocates, CCC has since our inception championed the rights of every individual to organize, mobilize and rally for social justice. We have and will always support the efforts of any community to join together in peaceful protest.


What happened in Washington, D.C. yesterday was not a peaceful protest but rather a blatant attempt to terrorize and circumvent the will of the majority of voters across the country.

-Jennifer March

It is also a disheartening illustration that white supremacy and privilege are ever-present barriers to a just society that must be named and dismantled.

We must continue to stand up for our nation’s democracy and for equal treatment of all Americans to be civically engaged. As CCC has shown throughout our 75-year history, together we will confront the devastation of this moment and continue pressing for a city, state and country that protects and advances human rights and holds legally responsible all who violate them.

We thank you for standing with us.

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