The New York State Child Welfare Coalition responds to the New York State Adopted Budget for SFY 2018-2019

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April 2, 2018

For Immediate Release: April 2, 2018

Contact: Stephanie Gendell, (646-232-6721),
Kari Siddiqui, (518-929-4395),


The New York State Child Welfare Coalition is pleased to begin Child Abuse Prevention Month with the news that the newly adopted State Budget rejected the dangerous proposal to cap State reimbursement to New York City for child welfare services, including child protective services and child abuse and neglect prevention services.  We are grateful to the Assembly members and Senators who stood up for children and families from New York City – and around the state — and stopped this proposal from being included in the budget.  We are also incredibly grateful to all of the family members, providers and advocates who made countless trips, calls, letters and e-mails to elected officials in Albany.  Through the strength of their voices, this budget will maintain the State’s commitment to keeping children safe and strengthening families.

Unfortunately, the State Budget did not similarly maintain State support to the youth in New York City’s juvenile justice system.  The newly adopted State Budget reauthorizes NYC’s Close to Home juvenile justice placement program for five years, but eliminates all State funding.  Shockingly, this budget cut comes just as the Close to Home system is due to more than double in size with the implementation of the law raising the age of criminal responsibility.  Furthermore, the newly adopted State Budget maintains the statutory language that will preclude New York City from being reimbursed for expenses related to raising the age of criminal responsibility.

While we are relieved that this budget maintains State support for child welfare services, we will continue to work together to seek State support for all children, youth and families in New York State – including those who live in New York City.




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