Raise the Age Coalition Statement on FY 2023 New York City Budget 

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June 13, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – Today, the Raise the Age Coalition issued the following statement on the Fiscal Year 2023 New York City budget agreement:

Last week Mayor Adams and Speaker Adams announced the parameters of the CFY’23 budget agreement and the New York City Council is set to vote on this budget today. 

The pandemic has compromised the safety and stability of families and communities, exacerbating existing inequalities and disproportionately impacting youth of color. 

As we work to uproot systemic racism from our criminal justice system, real and robust investments in youth and communities are critically needed. 

We are encouraged by the priorities outlined by Mayor Adams and Council Speaker Adams during the handshake announcement as well as the detail revealed in budget documents.

Importantly, the City Council rejected Mayor Adams’ call to increase the Department of Correction (DOC) headcount. In addition, this budget agreement makes robust investments in violence interruption initiatives, programs that connect individuals at risk of being affected by gun violence with green jobs, expands Fair Futures to support youth involved in the juvenile justice system, reaches significantly greater numbers of youth through Summer Youth Employment Program, and Work, Learn and Grow, and lifts incomes through a deeper city EITC and stabilizes housing through a fully funded city FHEPS voucher. 

Young people across New York are looking to their elected leaders to address their needs, ensure their safety, and equitably invest in them and their communities.  We are disappointed to see cuts to the Department of Education (DOE) budget and insufficient investments in housing and mental health programs in a budget that continues to invest heavily in policing, surveillance, and incarceration – harmful strategies that target youth and communities of color.  The Raise the Age campaign will continue to stand with youth and families to fight for a New York where all young people thrive and to work with the Adams Administration and New York City Council to ensure far greater progress is achieved. 


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