NY Family Homelessness Advocates Applaud Governor Hochul for Continued Investments In Keeping Families From Losing Their Homes in SFY23’ Budget

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January 19, 2022

Concerns Remain Surrounding Looming Homelessness Crisis As Eviction Moratorium Expired

NEW YORK, NY – In response to the 2023 State Executive Budget, the Family Homelessness Coalition issued the following statement:

The Family Homelessness Coalition applauds Governor Hochul for her continued investments to keep more New York families from losing their homes, including her commitment to a new five-year, $25 billion comprehensive housing plan to crate and preserve 100,000 affordable homes, which includes a $5.7 billion in capital resources and $11 billion towards shelters, supportive housing and rental subsidies. We are also grateful to see Governor Hochul’s commitment to creating affordable neighborhoods in New York City through the Affordable Neighborhoods for New Yorkers program while also encouraging the conversion of Class B NYC hotels to permanent residences. 

However, we remain concerned that there remains no funding for a statewide rent subsidy program, such as the Housing Access Voucher Program (HVAP), as well as no plan to address the looming homelessness crisis, which is an anticipated result of the expiration of the State’s eviction moratorium. Additionally, we remain concerned that the Executive Budget makes no mention of expanding and enhancing the Empire State Child Credit at a time when child poverty is soaring and the enhanced federal Child Tax Credit recently expired. Even prior to the pandemic, almost 70% of shelter residents were represented by women with children. As new COVID-19 variants emerge, thousands more families are at risk of falling into the cycle of homelessness and the life-altering trauma that comes with it. It is imperative New York State makes the needed investments to prevent a tidal wave of children and families from entering New York’s shelter system. We are committed to working with Governor Hochul and the State Legislature to end the chronic cycle of generational homelessness once and for all. 

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