Forbes: Mothers Share What Happens To Working Parents When The Schools Are Shut Down


November 23, 2020

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped a bombshell on parents last week, telling them the public schools will be closed and all children will switch to full-remote learning.

Anger immediately erupted from parents after hearing the news. They already know from past experience how incredibly challenging it is to juggle their own work, while simultaneously providing childcare and acting as a de facto teacher. The demands—they’ve learned from the lessons of prior hybrid in-class and at-home schooling—are daunting and exhausting.

In response to de Blasio’s mercurial edict, parents planned to push back and protest the decision, which many believe is not based on hard science, any widely accepted studies or backed by in-depth research. They were appalled that the mayor forced them to scramble and figure out childcare with only about 24 hours’ notice. Their ire was piqued by de Blasio permitting bars, gyms and restaurants to remain open, while school was forced to close without any evidence that any children or teachers were affected by Covid-19 at school. Parents pointed out that Europe kept schools open, but closed restaurants, bars and movie theaters.

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