Education Dive: Report: NYC schools remain segregated even within diverse districts


January 7, 2020

“Almost half of the schools in the nation’s largest district are not representative of the communities they serve, according to a new analysis from the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York released Tuesday. Based on 2018-19 enrollment data, 755 (41%) of New York City’s 1,842 public schools were found to not reflect their local districts’ demographics, while 27% were.

The majority (55%) of unrepresentative schools were elementary schools, while 31% of high schools and 13% of middle schools were found to be unrepresentative.

Admissions screening efforts, except those that screen for language, were found to exacerbate misrepresentation within secondary schools. Meanwhile, residential segregation and school choice policies were found to worsen segregation at the elementary level.”

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