Leveraging CCC: How we support data-driven efforts throughout the five boroughs


May 19, 2017

At CCC, our goal is to equip elected officials, service providers, students of social work and public policy, nonprofit organizations, philanthropists, and New Yorkers at large with the tools they need to become informed and effective advocates for children and families in New York City.

Though we do not provide direct services, there are a range of issues on which we support individuals and organizations. Whether you are looking to learn more about a budget, advocate for an issue with elected officials, collect data on a community, analyze emerging information, or address another data or community-related need, we can help. Learn more about what we offer to strengthen and support the people and programs that are helping children and families thrive.

Use and peruse our data

Keeping Track

We maintain a database of hundreds of child well-being indicators available to everyone on Keeping Track Online (KTO). KTO is the most comprehensive city-level database of child well-being indicators in the country. It features a range of functionalities to support you in your data work, including clipping images of data points, sharing data over email and social media, and downloading raw data for further analysis or as a reference.

Throughout the year CCC providers webinars and trainings to nonprofits, service providers, philanthropic partners, community boards, or other interested New Yorkers on how to maximize the tools and use them to glean the data you need.

In addition to the online tool, we biannually produce Keeping Track of New York City’s Children, a printed guide to well‐being indicators.

Community Risk Ranking

We have also recently begun producing an annual print‐edition index of child well‐being, CCC’s Community Risk Ranking: Child Well‐being in the City’s 59 Community Districts. The Community Risk Ranking focuses on 18 key indicators in six essential categories ‐ economic security, housing, health, education, youth, and family and community – and ranks New York City communities by levels of risk to child and family well‐being using these indicators. These resources can be used for grantmaking, planning, research and more. They are available free of charge and can be downloaded from our website. You can also contact us to request a hard copy.

Community-specific research

CCC undertakes qualitative research in  specific community districts. That work puts government administrative data in the hands of direct service providers and community members and collects from them qualitative data on their experience living and working in that community. This participatory research helps to improve our collective understanding of why particular barriers to child and family well‐being  persist at the neighborhood level. It also identifies opportunities to advance program and policy solutions that can better address these barriers and improve well‐being, all while elevating the voices of community members. To see an example of this type of qualitative research, check out our report on the Brownsville community, From Strengths To Solutions: An Asset-Based Approach To Meeting Community Needs In Brownsville.

Data analysis on Emerging Issues

CCC regularly conducts discrete data analysis on emerging issues impacting the well-being of New York City’s children and families. From these analyses, CCC develops infographics, fact sheets, presentations, and where appropriate in-depth reports to help different sectors understand the status of children and families in our city’s communities, including what their most critical needs are, what resources exist to support or address these needs, and what factors are influencing needs and outcomes. Our data team has extensive experience in research and analysis and their technical assistance and analyses often helps to inform service delivery and planning and/or grant making as well as advocacy.

Conferences, panels and briefings

We periodically host conferences, panels, briefings, lectures and other events to bring New Yorkers and discuss ways to expand opportunity for children and families. These events feature diverse speakers from dynamic organizations throughout the five boroughs. We provide details on these events and instructions for signing up, as well as periodic updates on our work and relevant policy developments, through our e-action network, which we encourage all interested New Yorkers to join.


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