Voicing Our Future: Youth Priorities for 2021 and Beyond


May 26, 2021

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Earlier this year, CCC’s YouthAction members surveyed more than 1,300 young people (ages 14 to 24) across New York City. The survey was designed and distributed in collaboration with hundreds of youth who wanted to hear from their peers on the issues that matter most to them in the build up to the 2021 municipal elections for mayor, city council, and borough president.

On May 26th the results of the survey will be released publicly as an interactive report, highlighting key findings on youth priorities for the next administration using interactive maps, tables, and tools for the public to explore data from the survey – diving into the experiences, opinions, and voices of youth by zip code, age, gender, and more.

Join us for our data release event where you can explore with us the results from this survey and learn how young people are mobilizing to ensure that our newly elected Mayor and City Council members listen to and prioritize youth.

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