Leveraging Digital Platforms for Advocacy


April 8, 2021

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Join CCC’s Communications and Civic Engagement team for our upcoming workshop: Leveraging Digital Platforms for Advocacy. With the emergence of the pandemic, advocates and organizations have changed their strategies to reflect an increased presence in digital spaces as a means for engaging and advocating on critical issues affecting communities.

During this workshop, we will provide an overview of how and why digital advocacy can be a key part of any campaign. Participants will gain insights on the various elements of digital advocacy, ways to measure success, free and user friendly online tools, and the steps to take for effectively involving and engaging stakeholders and community members.

In the second part of this workshop, participants can choose one of three interactive breakout groups to go more in depth into key aspects of digital advocacy:

Breakout Group One – Developing Your Digital Advocacy Strategy
with Carlos F. Rosales, Community Outreach & Engagement Associate

This group will engage in a deep dive on strategic questions to consider when creating a digital advocacy strategy. The facilitator will provide a checklist of questions and case study examples from CCC’s digital advocacy approach in the past year. Participants will be given the opportunity to workshop their own ideas, ask questions, and share experiences with the group.

Breakout Group Two – The Roles Social Media Platforms Play in Advocacy
with Robert Guttersohn, Communications Associate

Participants in this group will be provided with a broad understanding of how we can assign advocacy roles to a variety of social media platforms available today to achieve your advocacy goals. This will be followed by workshopping and creating sample social media content using a case study provided by CCC. Participants should be prepared to use a social media platform of their choice and have access to a laptop/phone that will enable them to create content.

Breakout Group Three – Digital Advocacy as a Tool for Engagement
with Laura Jankstrom, Director of Civic Engagement Programs

This group will explore the various elements of CCC’s 2021 Virtual Advocacy Days and the digital strategies we had in place to engage stakeholders and community members. Strategies covered will include Zoom meetings with legislators, Twitter rallies, letter writing campaigns, virtual rallies and more. Facilitator will provide tips for participants interested in adapting these digital strategies to engage stakeholders and community members in advocacy efforts.

Information on how to access the workshop on zoom will be emailed to registrants by Tuesday April 6th.


Please note that this event is limited to 75 participants with up to 25 participants assigned in each breakout group to create the best experience for those who attend. We will use a waitlist once the workshop is at capacity and inform those waitlisted if an opening is available 48 hours before the event.

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