Testimony to the New York City Council Oversight Hearing – Non-Profit Contracting Committee on Youth Services

Testimony & Public Comments

November 18, 2021

By: Daryl Hornick-Becker

On November 18, 2021, Daryl Hornick-Becker, CCC’s Policy and Advocacy Associate, testified to the New York City Council Committee on Youth Services’ hearing  on non-profit contracting.
Daryl testified that the youth services sector has long experienced inadequate and inconsistent funding in their contracts, and despite their vital role during the pandemic, youth programs are once again facing late payments, bureaucratic obstacles, and an uncertain future for the youth and families they serve. CCC urged the council and next administration to make the necessary reforms and investments in youth services contracts to stabilize, support, and expand access to programs that serve children and youth throughout the city. These recommendations include:

  • A new COMPASS/SONYC RFP with higher rates, cost of living adjustments, COVID-19 expenses, and a 12-month service period.
  • Paying Summer Rising providers for what they are owed and reforming the program if it is to be continued.
  • Improving the fingerprinting and staff clearance process.

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