Testimony Presented at the New York City Council Fiscal Year 2022 Executive Budget Hearing Committee on Finance

Testimony & Public Comments

May 27, 2021

On May 25, 2021, Alice Bufkin, CCC’s Director of Policy for Child and Adolescent Health, provided testimony during the New York City Council FY 2022 Executive Budget Hearing.

Alice’s testimony covered a wide range of topics impacting the lives of children and families including:

  • Addressing the Health and Behavioral Health Needs of Children
  • Combatting Hunger in the Face of COVID-19
  • Ensuring Every Child Is Educated
  • Combatting Family Homelessness

New York City children have experienced a year of hardship that will continue to impact families across generations – particularly among Black, Hispanic, or immigrant children, whose households have endured the highest rates of COVID-19 related illness or death. Decisive action must be taken to address the cumulative and compounding consequences of the current crises on children and their families and the preexisting risk factors that have contributed to these sobering effects.

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