TESTIMONY: OVERSIGHT: Implementation Of UPK And 3K Expansion And The Transition Of EarlyLearn NYC To DOE

Testimony & Public Comments

June 1, 2018

On June 27, 2018, CCC testified before the New York City Council General Welfare and Education Committees regarding the transition of the EarlyLearn subsidized child care system from ACS to DOE, the implementation and expansion of Pre-K and 3K, and in support of Resolution 358-2018, which calls upon the administration to create salary parity for the early childhood education workforce in DOE schools and community based organizations.

CCC’s testimony acknowledges the efforts both the City Council and the Administration have made to strengthen and expand the capacity to serve children under 5 in the early childhood systems.  The testimony includes a number of critical recommendations to address unintended consequences and make the transition successful.  These recommendations include:  creating salary parity; expanding capacity to serve infants and toddlers; provide 8-10 hours and summer care for children in pre-k and 3K; create more capacity to provide care during nontraditional hours; release a concept paper prior to the new EarlyLearn RFP; ensure that the new EarlyLearn rate is adequate; and ensure direct lease sites are renewed and facilities issues addressed.

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