Testimony: Oversight: Child Abuse Cases And The Various City Touchpoints For Families

Testimony & Public Comments

October 7, 2016

On October 31, 2016, CCC testified before the City Council General Welfare Committee about the various City Touchpoints that can help prevent child abuse and neglect in New York City.  This hearing was held in response to the death of six-year old Zymere Perkins.

CCC’s testimony explained how complicated child welfare cases are.  While child protective staff must always seek to take steps to keep children safe, they must also ensure their actions do not result in children who could be safe with their families being removed and placed into foster care.

CCC made the following recommendations to strengthen the City’s efforts to keep children safe:

  • Ensure the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) has the resources it needs.
  • Strengthen Court-Ordered Supervision in ACS.
  • Strengthen Preventive Services by eliminating the 12-month length of service rule and adequately compensating provider agencies.
  • Eliminate or modify the Department of Homeless Service’s “no-visitor” policy, which socially isolates families.
  • Better coordinate child welfare services and other City services once the Perkins investigation is completed.
  • Take steps to increase staff morale at ACS and ensure ACS is able to remain adequately staffed.

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