Spring 2018 YCLC Findings And Recommendations On Family Homelessness

Testimony & Public Comments

May 4, 2018

Citizens’ Committee for Children’s (CCC) YouthAction Community Leadership Course (YCLC) is a youth advocacy training program for high school students from New York City’s public and private schools. CCC is an independent child advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure that every child is healthy, housed, educated, and safe. Since 1999, YouthAction NYC has introduced aspiring young leaders to civic engagement and advocacy opportunities.

During this ten-week advocacy training program, YCLC participants meet once a week after school to research and analyze youth issues, and to develop policy and budgetary recommendations to improve the lives of young people in New York City. This semester, the YCLC focused on Family Homelessness in New York City. Students interviewed experts in the field, conducted site visits to various shelters and service providers, and met with advocates for homeless families.

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