Recommendations to Address the Ongoing Systemic Issues for ECE in NYC

Testimony & Public Comments

February 15, 2023

On Wednesday, February 15th, Deputy Executive Director Elysia Murphy presented oral testimony to the City Council Committee on Education during the Oversight Hearing on 3-K Funding Cuts and Delayed Reimbursements to Early Childhood Providers. Elysia highlighted the many operational issues within New York City’s ECE system, including enrollment barriers, a lack of seats, and countless unprocessed invoices that have led to payment delays. She also expressed the pressing need to reverse any cuts to 3-K funding proposed in the budget. This testimony includes CCC’s full list of recommendations to address the ongoing systemic issues faced by providers and families attempting to access care as well as a presentation of data analyzed and produced by CCC Senior Research Associate Marija Drobnjak that illustrates how capacity, enrollment, and utilization have changed over time.

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