Keeping Track of New York City’s Children | 2013

Keeping Track Data Book

January 1, 2013

Keeping Track of New York City’s Children is the most comprehensive centralized database tracking the well-being of New York City’s children. It has become a must-read for government officials, professionals, parents, and all New Yorkers seeking to improve the lives of children. The data and statistics in Keeping Track are the foundation of our fact-based advocacy efforts.

The tenth edition of Keeping Track highlights areas where the city’s reform efforts are leading to better outcomes for children and families citywide, as well as areas where children to continue to face barriers to well-being, including poverty, food insecurity, unstable housing, and lack of access to essential programs. The data also uncover how the recession has had an impact on the city’s allocation of resources, particularly among programs serving communities where children’s needs are the greatest. Geographic and population breakdowns shine light on areas where the city is not achieving positive outcomes for children at the community level.

As New York City prepares for a mayoral race in 2013, Keeping Track demonstrates the importance of early and targeted investments in the lives of children, as well as the adverse results when investments are not made.

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