FY 2021 NY STATE EXECUTIVE BUDGET: Statewide Impact On Children & Families

Budget Analysis & Priorities

February 6, 2020

In past years, the State’s Medicaid Redesign process drew attention to the need to leverage the health and human services infrastructure to address the social determinants of health for low-income New Yorkers and reduce runaway health care costs.

Alarmingly, despite the continued and multiple risks that many NYC families and children face, the State Executive Budget for SFY’21 includes deep reductions across a wide range of health and human services and shifts $1.4 billion in costs on to New York City.

As our analysis of the State FY 2021 Executive Budget illustrates, these cuts and cost shifts would further put well-being at risk.

If the Governor is truly committed to structurally reforming health care and producing better outcomes for New Yorkers, the State budget must not be balanced as he has proposed. As it now stands, the State Executive Budget exacerbates unmet needs, setting up a situation where an entire population may well develop costly, complex needs as adults.

Our analysis of Gov. Cuomo’s FY 2021 Executive Budget highlights how his proposals would cut funding — or shift costs to the City — for programs essential to the well-being of NYC children and families.

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