CCC Testimony: City Council Hearing On Impact Of COVID-19 On Child Care

Testimony & Public Comments

December 16, 2020

On December 16, Policy and Advocacy Associate Daryl Hornick-Becker submitted testimony on supporting child care to the Committee on Education and the Committee on Women and Gender Equity.

CCC’s testimony outlined the depth of commitment and investment needed in the early care and education sector to support children and their families. Daryl called on the city to ensure child care providers receive the necessary supports — from hazard and incentive pay to funding for personal protective equipment — to stay open and safe. His testimony also highlighted the needs to integrate behavioral health supports in early care settings, to follow through with salary parity and funding for child care, and to preserve seat and full-day capacity when awarding child care contracts.

To provide support and promote recovery during this crisis, the city must make every effort to ensure the quality, accessibility, and affordability of child care in New York City.

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