CCC Testimony: Oversight: EarlyLearn

Testimony & Public Comments

January 14, 2015

CCC testified at a City Council General Welfare Committee hearing on January 15, 2015 about EarlyLearn, New York City’s contracted early childhood system.

CCC testified that while the goals of EarlyLearn, to improve quality while containing costs, remained laudable, the City needs to take steps to enhance and strengthen the EarlyLearn model.  This is especially critical to do now, as it impacts the success of the pre-kindergarten expansion.

CCC’s recommendations include:

  • Increasing the EarlyLearn rate to better accommodate facility costs, health insurance costs, worker’s compensation and general liability insurance, as well as fund professional development and other materials and technology for classrooms.
  • Increase capacity for children ages 6 weeks- three years old.
  • Reassess the metrics for pay for enrollment.
  • Negotiate a contract that increases the salary and improves the benefits of child care staff and work to achieve salary parity with the Department of Education.
  • Increase transparency and advocate access to data.

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