CCC Testimony: Oversight: Conditions And Operations In The Department Of Homeless Services Family Shelters

Testimony & Public Comments

February 7, 2014

CCC testified about reducing family homelessness and improving conditions for families in shelter at a City Council General Welfare Hearing on February 27, 2014.

Currently, a record number of children are living in homeless shelters for increasingly longer lengths of time. Despite the need, there is no housing subsidy program to help these families. In addition, as a result of the unsafe conditions for children at two family homeless shelters, the NYC Department of Homeless Services has decided to move all children out of the Auburn and Catherine Street facilities.

CCC’s testimony included several recommendations to reduce the number of children in shelter and improve shelter conditions.  These recommendations include:

  • Expand homeless prevention programs;
  • Create a new housing subsidy program;
  • Review all DHS Tier 2 shelters and cluster sites to ensure they are safe for children.

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