CCC Summary Of Actions Taken By The City Council To Restore And/Or Fund Services For Children And Families In The New York City Fiscal Year 2018 Adopted Budget

Budget Analysis & Priorities

June 1, 2017

On June 6, 2017 the City Council voted to adopt an $85.2 billion budget for the upcoming City Fiscal Year 2018, which starts on July 1st.  CCC was pleased that the budget maintains and expands services for children and families.

The budget expands universal free lunch to 90% of the City’s public schools, invests capital dollars to ensure every public school will have space for physical education, expands the Summer Youth Employment Program to 70,000 youth, increases funding for emergency food programs, restores funding for elementary after-school programs and mental health for children under five, and adds resources for child protective services.

In addition, the budget begins to address the long-standing needs of human service providers whose contracts have not funded the full costs of the services.  The budget adds $14.5 million in FY18 (increasing to $88 million in FY2023) to bring all indirect cost rates in city contracts to 10%, and adds $36 million in FY18 to begin developing model contracts for human service contracts, including ACS preventive services and runaway and homeless youth programs.

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