Addressing CityFHEPS eligibility barriers and administrative delays

Testimony & Public Comments

January 18, 2023

By: Juan Diaz

On Wednesday, January 18th, Policy and Advocacy Associate Juan Diaz, provided written testimony for the New York City Council Social Welfare Committee’s oversight hearing that examined the CityFHEPS housing voucher program’s eligibility barriers and administrative delays.

Juan testified on behalf of CCC’s support of the bills that would expand CityFHEPS eligibility for families with children by eliminating the shelter stay and housing court requirements. CCC also provided recommendations to reduce administrative barriers that delay the approval process of CityFHEPS assistance for families at risk of homelessness. Additionally, CCC urged the City Council to continue supporting  the elimination of the 90-day shelter stay rule to qualify for CityFHEPS assistance and expanding eligibility for undocumented families.

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