YouthAction New York City Internship Program

Are you a young New York City resident  looking to learn how to be an effective advocate for yourself, your school and your community?

Then read more about CCC’s YouthAction NYC Internship Program!

In past years, youth throughout all five boroughs of  New York City have been invited to participate in CCC’s YouthAction Community Leadership Course (YCLC)—a free 10-week interactive course all about youth civic engagement and advocacy.

This year, not only are we offering this FREE course, we’re paying YOU $500 dollars a semester to hear your ideas and opinions!

The YouthAction NYC Internship program will be held year long and will be split into two semesters of work. The first Semester, beginning October 18th, will be a training on youth civic engagement and advocacy, much like the YCLC. This semester will focus on teaching you effective advocacy tools, discussing current issues in your community, and analyzing data and research on these issues. This will also be time for you to vocalize your own experiences and build solidarity with your peers in the program.

The Second semester, the winter/spring semester, will focus on utilizing all the tools and research you’ve learned to advocate, campaign, and rally for the issues you’re  passionate about. This will include but is not limited to, possible meetings with council members and legislators, speaking to other youth programs focusing on similar topics, conducting your own research, trips to Albany, and a chance to join the NYC Youth Agenda Steering Committee.

To summarize, in this program you will:

“YouthAction NYC has been a life-changing experience for me. I’ve had opportunities to connect with community leaders and youth around the city to identify problems that impact our communities and work collectively to find solutions and advocate for them. I’ve gained so much experience and knowledge from the program that I’ve been able to use to advocate in my school and community and bring change for the better!” – Edward Sanchez, Class of 2021

The YouthAction NYC  internship will be a year long program. Sessions take place on Tuesdays after school from 4:00 – 6:30 PM. The group meets a CCC’s offices, located at 14 Wall Street (Suite 4E) in Manhattan. Graduates are invited to remain involved by becoming YouthAction Members), deepening their advocacy skills and planning youth-led projects from start to finish.




For more information contact Adama Diallo, YouthAction NYC Civic Engagement Associate, at