Tweet Your Support for SNAP Recipients


August 15, 2019


The Trump administration is looking to cut access to SNAP (food stamps) for 3.1 million Americans.

In July, the Department of Agriculture announced it is seeking to eliminate the ability for states to make the SNAP eligibility requirements less restrictive. Currently, states can raise income limits and adopt less restrictive asset tests, allowing families with higher costs of living to still access this vital benefit.

Nearly 30 percent of households in New York City receive SNAP benefits.

Join us and other organizations today as we speak out and condemn this latest attack on vulnerable families. Between 3 and 4pm, take part in an organized tweet storm on Twitter.


To learn more, check out our blog on the proposed changes to SNAP.


Check out the below sample tweets provided by the Center for American Progress (CAP), CLASP, the Coalition on Human Needs (CHN), the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), Feeding America, First Focus, the Food and Research Action Center (FRAC), and MomsRising.

Sample Tweets


In 2017, SNAP helped 1.5 million children rise out of poverty. Instead of investing in SNAP, the administration’s proposed rule could reverse that progress. Oppose it here: #HandsOffSNAP

The administration’s proposed rule is an attempt to take food away from children at home and in school. Oppose it here: #HandsOffSNAP

The administration’s proposed cut to SNAP is an attempt to take food away from children at home and in school–see how it works and why we need to oppose it: #HandsOffSNAP

Under the administration’s proposed cut, 61% of those who would lose access to SNAP are living with children or are children themselves. Protect children and families today: #HandsOffSNAP

Children and their families would be disproportionately harmed by the administration’s proposal to cut SNAP—learn more about this dangerous proposal and what you can do to stand against it: #HandsOffSNAP

Thanks to Trump’s latest attempt to cut SNAP, half a million kids could lose access to free school meals. Go to to raise your voice and protect our students. #HandsOffSNAP

According to @EconomicPolicy, Black and Latinx kids make up nearly two-thirds of children living in poverty. Make no mistake, the Trump administration’s latest attack on SNAP is also another attack on people of color. Take action: #HandsOffSNAP

500,000 children are at risk of losing their access to free #SchoolMeals under a new Trump administration proposed rule. We should be doing more for our kids – not less. Raise your voice and fight back today: #HandsOffSNAP

#DYK that half a million children stand to lose access to free #SchoolMeals thanks to the Trump administration’s latest attack on low-income people? This is cruel and unacceptable. Submit a comment to protect kids’ access to healthy meals: #HandsOffSNAP

Free #SchoolMeals play a key role in reducing childhood hunger, improving child health, and boosting test scores. However, a new Trump admin. proposed rule will jeopardize 500,000 kids’ access to free school meals. Stop this latest attack: #HandsOffSNAP

A new Trump admin. proposed rule would take away free #SchoolMeals from 500K children, likely increasing a problem in U.S. schools: unpaid school meal debt. Let the admin. know we should be investing in kids and schools, not attacking them: #HandsOffSNAP

Moving 500,000 children off SNAP will have a negative impact on #CommunityEligibility, leading some schools to have trouble making the option financially sustainable if less children are enrolled in SNAP. Submit a comment to fight back now: #HandsOffSNAP

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