Time is Running Out!


March 26, 2018

With just days left before the new state fiscal year begins on April 1, time is running out before you can make your voice heard!

The proposed state budget includes many harmful cuts that would negatively impact children and families including:

  • A proposal to cap and cut child protection and child abuse and neglect prevention services in New York City.
  • A proposal to eliminate all state funding for Close to Home, New York City’s juvenile justice placement system.
  • A plan to exclude New York City from state reimbursement for expenses related to raising the age of criminal responsibility.
  • A plan to delay the creation of new behavioral health services for children.
  • No plan to help prevent homelessness despite the growing need.

Please Take Action if you have not already done so! Your voice will help ensure that the adopted State Budget addresses the needs of children and families.

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