In October 2020, Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (CCC), FPWA, and United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) launched a series of public webinars to discuss the structural and institutional barriers that have disproportionately kept persons of color living at or near poverty since the founding of our city.

Our work now continues as we move to advance our R.E.A.L. Equity Agenda of race-conscious policies and programs that would lead to economic security and well-being for Black and people of color.

As we move forward rebuilding New York City in the wake of the pandemic and reinvigorated demands for racial equality while gearing up for the 2021 elections, it is critically important that this agenda is adopted by mayoral and city council candidates. 

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The time is now to collectively face and act on the inequities that have resulted in Black, Latinx, and immigrant New Yorkers being devastated by the intersecting crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic decline, and persistent race-based discrimination and injustice. We must right these wrongs and help advance and achieve racial and economic equity – ensuring that all children, families, and communities thrive.

Racial Equity Advancement Labs (R.E.A.L.) is a collaboration of three New York City-based nonprofits – Citizen’s Committee for Children, FPWA and United Neighborhood Houses – that are committed to building just and equitable communities as our city recovers and rebuilds from Covid-19 and its fallout.

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