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March 16, 2021

The following statement can be attributed to CCC Executive Director Jennifer March:

This past year has a been a year like no other for New Yorkers across the state. They have experienced loss of loved ones, ongoing threats to public health, social isolation, disruption in work and education, and skyrocketing behavioral health needs – all while their access to sorely needed economic, food and housing supports were constrained as state and municipal coffers plummeted.

With the passage of the federal American Recovery Plan and the introduction of the Senate and Assembly’s One House budgets, we have an opportunity and an obligation to advance equity and recovery for New York’s children and families. We are pleased to see the State Senate and Assembly make important progress in a range of key issues including income tax policy reforms; rejecting cuts to Medicaid and public health; protecting against cuts to Early Intervention; and expanded investments in child care, universal pre-K, education aid, rent subsidies and nutrition assistance, among others.

As the Senate and Assembly begin conference committees and move toward three-way negotiations with the Governor, it’s incumbent on all parties to reach shared agreements on critical areas that ensure safety, well-being and stability for all children and their families.

To build on the areas where there is greater agreement as noted above, we urge State leaders to:

  • • Reject 5 percent reduction to child welfare services funding and bring the state match back to the statutory level of 65 percent;
  • • Expand access to EPSDT screening and services within Child Health Plus (CHP);
  • • Invest heavily in the children behavioral health continuum, including place-based services in early care and education, schools, and community clinics;
  • • Ensure eviction prevention reforms are enacted to expand access to rent subsidies and federal rent relief resources;
  • • Close four juvenile facilities and reinvest savings into communities;
  • • Make insurers pay their fair share into the Early Intervention program and expand investments in Preschool Special Education; and
  • • Leverage the State Earned Income Tax Credit and Empire State Child Tax Credit to build on recently enacted federal level reforms to lift incomes and combat child poverty.

Investments in children and families are the key to addressing immediate needs and promoting long-term recovery. If New York State and New Yorkers are to effectively recover from the triple crises in public health, economic decline, and persistent race based in justice, the State’s FY’22 Adopted Budget must ensure that our children do not bear the burden of unaddressed trauma compounded by service reductions. Children have only one childhood and the steps taken now to invest in their recovery and well-being are paramount and the essential responsibility of our elected leaders at this time.”

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