NYC Neighborhoods With Highest Rates Of COVID-19 Expected To Be Slammed By Evictions, Report Finds


January 25, 2020

NEW YORK — The neighborhoods that have the highest rates of COVID-19 will also have the highest levels of homelessness after the eviction moratorium is lifted in August, according to a new housing report.

It’s the perfect eviction storm, one advocacy group said. They are offering insights and solutions here.

The nine page report, “NYC Housing Affordability and Homelessness Crises Exacerbated by COVID-19,” was put out by Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York. Associate Executive Director Raysa Rodriguez predicted what she called a “tsunami of evictions” when the moratorium is lifted in August, unless action is taken now to help families.

“The big elephant in the room is what happens after this moratorium,” Rodriguez said. “How are we going to make sure there isn’t a surge in homelessness?”

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