NY1 Noticias: Domestic violence and homelessness in New York


October 29, 2019

Domestic violence is by far the main reason why New Yorkers are left homeless. This is what a new report by city controller Scott Stringer says.

In 2018 alone, more than 12,500 people entered the shelters managed by the Department of Homeless Services due to domestic violence problems. Of these people, 4,500 were women, and more than 7,000 were children, most of them under 5.

These figures are particularly alarming, considering that the municipal government has another totally different shelter system that is exclusively responsible for helping survivors of domestic violence.

The report also says that the vast majority of people who lose their homes after suffering this type of abuse are women of color and low intake.

To talk a little more about this problem we were accompanied by Raysa Segura Rodríguez, Associate Executive Director of the Family Homeless Coalition organization.

Read the full story here.

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