New York Times: These Families Feel Forgotten as N.Y.C. Pushes to Open Schools


September 9, 2020

This past March was a blur for Arianne Allan, a mother of two who lives in a Brooklyn homeless shelter. She spent the entire month battling the coronavirus in her small shelter unit. It was impossible to maintain distance from her son and daughter, and they both got sick, too.

As soon as her family recovered, Ms. Allan set out on a mission that, five months later, is still unfinished: making sure her children could learn. It took weeks for her son and daughter, then in the third and twelfth grade, to receive iPads from the Department of Education. They were weeks behind in schoolwork by the time they were able to start remote learning.

After Ms. Allan’s family was forced to move into a different shelter this summer, there was a new problem. The shelter has no Wi-Fi and barely any cell service, so Ms. Allan has had to dip into the money she makes as a housekeeper to pay for an unreliable wireless hotspot.

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