Family Homelessness Coalition Statement on NYC Council’s Passage of Historic CityFHEPS Bills

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May 25, 2023

New York – Today, Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, New Destiny Housing, and Enterprise Community Partners issued the following statement on behalf of the Family Homelessness Coalition:

“New York City is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. A historic number of people are experiencing homelessness, and thousands of New York families are on the brink of homelessness. Without immediate action, countless children will end up in the city’s overcrowded and underfunded shelter system.

The CityFHEPS reform bills passed by the New York City Council today advance bold and common sense solutions. This critical package will ensure upstream preventive assistance is available to New Yorkers who are at risk of losing their homes, that those already in shelter can more easily access housing by removing arbitrary work and source-of-income requirements, and that the full fair market value of a rental voucher can be used toward rent.

The Family Homelessness Coalition is especially pleased that the package eliminates the ‘90-day rule,’ which requires families to stay in shelter for 90 days before they can access a rental voucher. Eliminating the 90-day rule will reduce the painful trauma families, and especially children, experience in the shelter system.

These bills will help New Yorkers leave shelter sooner and prevent countless families with children from losing their homes in the first place, creating more space in our shelters to respond to the needs of migrants and others with emergencies to receive the shelter supports they urgently need.”


This statement is from the Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, Enterprise Community Partners and New Destiny Housing on behalf of the Family Homelessness Coalition.


The Family Homelessness Coalition (FHC) is composed of 16 organizations representing service and housing providers and children’s advocacy organizations. FHC is united by the goal of launching a coordinated, collaborative, multi-agency effort focused on preventing family homelessness, improving the well-being of children and families in shelters, and supporting the long-term stability of families with children who leave shelters.

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